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February 28, 2000

Local News

Warning for mobile home owners

   BOTHELL--Several Bothell citizens have reported to the Public Improvements Dept. they have been approached by individuals who offered to "make your homes safe and earthquake proof."

   The City of Bothell is warning people not to buy into such claims before checking with their Building Division at 425-486-8152. Owners should not allow anyone to replace their current foundations with any devices or tie-downs without prior approval of City inspectors.

   The City of Bothell has no information about the devices used by the reported off-the-street solicitors. Therefore, the City cannot verify that they have been tested and approved by any recognized agency.

   All manufactured home foundations, including tie-downs, must either be installed according to manufacturer's specifications, the Washington Administrative Code (WAC), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), or be designed by a professional engineer licensed by Washington state.

   When a manufactured home is moved onto a Bothell site or sold through a Title of Elimination, the foundation and associated tie-downs must be approved by a City of Bothell building inspector.

   Before even talking to such a solicitor, owners should first ask them to prove their work is licensed by the state's Dept. of Labor & Industries. Snohomish County residents can reach that department at 425-290-1347; the King County number is 425-990-1400.