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February 28, 2000

Valley Special

Students exhibit art at Stillwater Elementary Reflections

Reflections entrants

Stillwater Reflections entrants chosen to go on to the State contest include (left to right) Michael Morris, Tana Goar, Megan Boulton, and Kelsey Henson.

by Teel Varland, Stillwater PTSA Enrichment

   What Reflections means to the Stillwater Elementary Community ... It is a terrific opportunity to focus our attentions to our students in order to encourage each as an individual. It allows each child to be who they want to be, to explore who they might be, and to believe in who they are.

   It is not addressed as a "contest," because every "artist" is a winner. "Reflections Celebration" describes it better. A celebration of discovery, where everyone is allowed to be comfortable with who they are, believe in themselves, and are not afraid to take a stand.

   Hopes are that each participant learned/learns they are never alone in their ideas and that even the most famous artists get their ideas from someone, somewhere, or something. Then they expand and explore until they are content with the outcome. Also, there is no such thing as a mistake. A "mistake" can be easily disguised creatively and used to their benefit.

   Even though we had judges, we tried very hard not to steer away from the true meaning of the celebration. The judging is extremely difficult. Every judge has his own opinion and every artist has his/her own personality. How does one fairly judge that? The judging is truly incorporated to add some excitement. With this understanding judges were chosen who have experience in each of the categories given: Literature, Visual Arts, Photography and Music. However, at Stillwater, all entries are accepted whether they fall under these categories or not.

   The school has two sets of rules--the State Reflections rules and Stillwater rules. The Stillwater rules allow for all creativity to be accepted, with no judging. If the child chooses, they can follow the State rules and therefore be judged. Almost all entrants wanted to be judged.

   The winners would go on to be judged at the state level. Only four pieces from Stillwater are allowed to continue on. The school had 112 entries this year, up from 54 last year.

   Winners include:

   VISUAL ARTS, Primary (Pre-K-2nd)--Teacher's Choice, Michael Morris (2); Honorable Mention, Mark Bishop (2); 3rd, Terek Varland (2); 2nd, Terek Varland (2);1st, Sam Linnerooth (2).

   VISUAL ARTS, Secondary (3rd-5th)--Teacher's Choice, Megan Boulton (3); Honorable Mention, Breanna Decker (4); 3rd, Jenna Navin (5); 2nd, Kristy Roach (4); 1st, Paula Maloney (3).

   PHOTOGRAPHY, Primary--Teacher's Choice, Sean Morris (1) and Coben Varland (K); Honorable Mention, Sean Morris (1); 3rd, Coben Varland (K); 2nd, Coben Varland (K); 1st, Kelsey Henson (2).

   PHOTOGRAPHY, Secondary--Teacher's Choice, Jackson Jenkins (4); Honorable Mention, Allison Dietz (5); 3rd, Nicole Rhode (4); 2nd, Willy Miller (4); 1st, Jackson Jenkins (4).

   MUSICAL, Primary/Secondary--3rd, Ashleigh Sanelli (5); 2nd, Michael Morris (2); 1st, Emmalee Worden (4).

   LITERATURE, Primary--Honorable Mention, Susan Kenney (Pre-K); 3rd, Sean Morris (1); 2nd, Cody Chriest (2); 1st, Mark Bishop (2).

   LITERATURE, Secondary--Honorable Mention, Stephanie Millett (5); 3rd, Kayla Mahnke (4); 2nd, Amanda Bishop (5); 1st, Alex Ostrem (5).

   GRAND (goes on to State)--Michael Morris (2), Visual Arts Primary; Megan Boulton (3), Visual Arts Secondary; Tana Goar (4), Music; Kelsey Henson (2), Literature Primary.

   The committee wants to thank judges Debbie Pilgrim, Robert Story, Don Williams, Kathleen Williams, Josh Gabel, Judi Heller, and Lucille Bisbee, and parents and staff.

Other notable awards

   Teacher with the most entries--Mrs. Smith (2nd grade), 31 entries.

   Youngest participant--Susan Kenney.

   Family with the most entries--Terek and Coben Varland (19 total).

   Family with entries in every category--Michael and Sean Morris.

   Choice Theme--Tana Goar with "Anything is possible. You can be reading Gone with the Wind and then your friend is suddenly swept up in a tornado and is "gone with the wind."

   Every child is a winner! The whole purpose of the Reflections Celebration is to honor each of them.