Northwest NEWS

March 6, 2000


We must abide by the rules set up by organizations

   In response to "Thanks, but we'll skip Little League," I guess your child(ren) won't be playing soccer, either.

   Your local soccer association, Snoqualmie Valley Youth Soccer Association (SnVYSA), has requirements concerning residency and proof of birth, also. SnVYSA only allows those players living within its boundaries or attending a school within its boundaries to play under its umbrella. Why? Because SnVYSA has limited facilities and resources and wishes to utilize those facilities and resources for the youth who live or attend school within its boundaries.

   Why the need for birth certificates? It is amazing how many parents err when it comes to date of birth. Several players last season had 1999 birthdates. Several had their sibling's birthdate.

   SnVYSA doesn't make the rules regarding the registration process. We must abide by the rules and procedures from the organizations under which we operate, i.e., Washington State Youth Soccer Association.

Santa Krieble, Carnation