Northwest NEWS

March 6, 2000


Letter to the community of Duvall concerning the proposed quarry

   This is a letter to the citizens of the Duvall area concerning the proposed Duvall Rock Quarry located on Highway 203 in King County.

   Ed Hayes purchased the property in 1963. He purchased the property based upon the assurance that it had a "proposed mining" zoning designation. His lifelong dream was to have a quarry on this property. Over the years, Ed communicated his intentions to have a quarry to many of the neighbors in the area. Ed's plan was not a secret.

   We are proposing to quarry 82 acres of the 93 acres purchased by Ed Hayes. Environmental impact assessments have been completed on wells, noise, wildlife, wetlands, air quality, fish, surface water, and traffic. The studies to date indicate that impacts are acceptable or mitigatable to an acceptable impact based on existing ordinances, state and county statutes, and objective science. This does not mean the neighborhood will be subject to moderate impacts.

   Local quarries are a necessary part of our society. We need rock for homes, roads, schools, flood control, and erosion prevention. It is our intention to make this a neighborhood-friendly quarry as based on the specifications presented by Citizens of Tualco Valley in their opposition to Cadman.

   As we have modified our plans, we have reduced potential adverse significant impacts to moderate impacts from this quarry operation. We are very interested in hearing the concerns and suggested changes our neighbors would like us to consider in our proposed plan. (No quarry is, of course, not under consideration.)

   There have been many rumors and misconceptions about our plans for the quarry project. Contrary to what has been said, written and published:

   We will not be creating a new market or use for rocks. Only you, the public, create the demand for rocks. Some people have suggested importing rock from outlying areas or other jurisdictions. Here are some of the impacts that would create:   To hear more detail or ask questions of consultants, King County personnel, or us, please attend our public meeting being held at the Cherry Valley Elementary School gym on Thursday, March 23, at 7 p.m. We can also be reached at 425-503-1132, or via e-mail at

Joe Jackels, Duvall Quarry, LLC