Northwest NEWS

March 6, 2000


A walk in a hot rod wonderland

'32 Ford coupe

This three-window '32 Ford coupe features a red and black flame on a candy apple red paint job and will be among the classic deuce coupes, sedans, and roadsters on display at the Seattle Roadster Show.

by Bronwyn Wilson

   If you love hot rods and cool customs, you're in luck. The Seattle Roadster Show, showcasing more than 250 glorious dream machines, roars into Seattle from March 9-12 at the Stadium Exhibition Center.

   Whether glowing in pearl or shimmering in metallic, deuce coupes, sedans, roadsters, street machines, customs, muscle cars, and motorcycles are ready to razzle-dazzle onlookers. Hosted by the Woodinville Classic Cruisers, this is the first major indoor car show since the early '90s.

   Though hot rods and customs are enjoyed by younger ages, it is the over-forty age group that is particularly attracted. This is the time of life when men, and some women, transform wishful thinking into building a show car.

   Woodinville resident Jerry Wilson owns two street rods, the very car and truck he could only dream of back in 1969 when he attended Issaquah High School. He explains, "The cars at the show are the ones many of us always wanted in high school but only now can afford."

   Among the coveted cars at the show is a three-window '32 Ford coupe painted in red and black flames on candy apple red paint. This car has won several awards for technical excellence and outstanding paint.

   Add to this a cherry red deuce coupe that has won national top Sweepstakes Hot Rod honors. Other showpieces include a purple pearl '39 Lincoln coupe aptly named "Scrape" for its outrageously lowered body. "The Warrior," a wild chopped and flamed '63 T-Bird, will be on hand.

   Also featured will be the yellow '32 Ford five-window coupe from George Lucas's film American Graffiti. The film's stars, Paul LeMat, who played Milner in the movie, and Candy Clark share the spotlight with the famous car. And not to go unnoticed, the 1970 Porsche that Steve McQueen raced in the movie LeMans waits to greet adoring fans.

   There will be plenty of oohs and ahhs, plus the inside scoop on what owners have done to their cars in the building process. For those new to the hot-rodding world, there's an adventure for you, as well. Come and check out the louvered hoods, the fat fenders, and the awesome 870 Jimmy blowers roughly the size of Mt. Rainier. Learn the difference between a T-bucket (built with a Model T Ford body), a highboy (late '20s to early '30s without the body channeled over frame rails) and a deuce ('32 Ford).

   Soon, you'll be slinging around terms like "chopped," "slammed," and "tubbed." Who knows? Maybe you'll be out on the road cruising in your own rod with frenched headlamp lenses, suicide doors, and the meanest "baddest" engine in town.

   Elvira, Mistress of the Night, will offer a spine-tingling appearance on Saturday and Sunday. She will autograph any Elvira collectible brought to the show. By her side will be her understudy, a sleek black '58 Barris T-Bird. The Tail Fins and Kenny James, a Buddy Holly impersonator, will blast back to the past with old time rock 'n' roll.

   Admission to the Seattle Roadster Show: general, $13; seniors 62-plus, $10; kids 6-12, $7; under 6, free. There are $3 discount coupons to the show at all GI Joe stores. Show hours are 4-10 Thursday; noon to 10 Friday; 10-10 Saturday; 10-7 Sunday.

   The Stadium Exhibition Center is on Occidental St. and Royal Brougham Way. For further information, contact Dan Cyr Enterprises at 503-236-0632, or visit