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March 6, 2000

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Woodinville's outdoor burning regulations

   The Woodinville Fire & Life Safety District (WFLSD) will only permit natural vegetation fires outdoors from March 1 through May 31, except in "no-burn" zones. Those zones are: within Woodinville city limits; English Hill; Kingsgate; and west of the Sammamish Slough.

   If Puget Sound Air Control Agency has a burn ban in force during that period, burning is prohibited. Burners are responsible to check burn bans by calling 1-800-595-4341.

   Only one pile may be burned at a time, and fires are only allowed during daylight hours. Piles must be under 10 feet in diameter and three feet high. An adult must attend the fire at all times with a charged garden hose, shovel, and access to a telephone. The width of a bare dirt firebreak around each pile must equal the diameter of the pile.

   If the wind blows more than seven miles per hour, burning is prohibited. If a fire causes a nuisance from smoke or flying ash, the fire district has the authority to put it out. Burning garbage and other materials is not allowed.

   Please consider the fire's effect on neighbors. Too-hot fires can cause excessive smoke and ash. Putting tarps over piles during the rainy season cuts down on excess smoke from wet wood. Burning green wood also creates excess smoke.

   For a recorded message on outdoor burning, call WFLSD at 483-2131, ext. 93; or ext. 0 for live information, M-F, 8-5.