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March 6, 2000

Local News

BHS teacher pleads innocent to marijuana charges

by Heather Roscoe

   Bothell High School teacher Richard Lewis pleaded innocent to charges filed on Feb. 2 for growing marijuana in his Bothell home.

   Lewis, 55, after a 28-year history at Bothell High as a special education instructor, was arrested on Jan. 26 by the Eastside Narcotics task force.

   "The investigation is ongoing," said Lieutenant Benny Bronson, Task Force Supervisor. "We're still gathering information and additional evidence."

   Bronson explained the two things that makes Lewis's case different from other marijuana growing cases are his occupation as a school teacher and the fact that he was using a hydroponics system (growing plants without dirt) to grow some of the marijuana.

   Pamela Steele, director of communications for Northshore schools told the Weekly that Lewis resigned without explanation. "We're surprised, we're disappointed ... it's not one of those things that you ever expect," said Steele.