Northwest NEWS

March 13, 2000


Be careful of the bridges you burn

   Here's a little letter that started out being a "waa-waa-waa, oh poor me," but has ended up being a "what goes around, comes around--be careful what you ask for" kind of letter.

   You see, there isn't a lot of "family size" rental housing in Woodinville, and there's never going to be a lot of "family size" rental housing in Woodinville.

   And I can make this kind of statement without fear of contradiction, because as much as anyone, I drew the zoning code map and wrote the zoning codebook for this town. And rental housing was something I worked real hard to keep to a minimum. This was a community of home owners ... not those "rental people."

   And now after 18 years of living in Woodinville, I'm moving to North Creek, because there isn't a lot of family size rental housing in Woodinville. Surprise, surprise.

   It isn't important why I need to rent a place to live; that's just what my personal circumstances are. What's entertaining about this is that I had a heavy hand in making a nice place to visit, but I sure didn't do a very good job at making this a very good place to live.

   So, for all you people who might be up on your high horse about this, that, or the other thing, remember ... the bridge you burn today may be one you'll wish you could cross tomorrow.

Mark W. Jessup, Woodinville (but not for long)