Northwest NEWS

March 13, 2000


Teachers must have more resources to guarantee the future of our children

   I have the good fortune to work in one of the finest school districts in the state and nation. Its quality is related to one thing--its people.

   The teachers, students and their parents, support staff, and community-at-large have given the time, effort, and dedication to make this a wonderful place for students to learn. It is no wonder our measures of achievement in Northshore have always been among the highest. Our academic success, student involvement in the community, the arts, and our success in extracurricular activities are the envy of many in this state and nation.

   Why then is the energy level of those who work in classrooms day and night for our children reaching an all-time low? Why do so many staff look at other professions and have fleeting moments of wanting to change?

   Now is the time for all of us to step up and demand the funding and support from the state, which is critical for all students to reach the standard they will need to be productive, successful, and self-satisfied adults. Now is the time we must clearly send a message that our public school teachers must have the resources they need to insure the future of our children and youth.

Dr. Thomas M. Dramer, Executive Director, Instructional Services, Northshore School District