Northwest NEWS

March 13, 2000


Use the money to maintain park, fix roads

   Does it not strike you as illogical that on the front page of the same newspaper spouting and supporting tax and fee increases, due to the tax revolt People's Initiative-695, the Northlake News is now supporting the extravagance of nouveau New Age art for the Sammamish River Trail?

   In the first place, the very idea of usurping tax dollars with impunity for the monstrosities (in my opinion, since I am first a nature lover, and second, an art connoisseur) violates my sense of dignity for people's intelligence. Did we not just tell the bureaucrats their spending spree was over when we passed I-695?

   Secondly, public dollars are being used by the Parks & Recreation Commission to pursue a private objective, that is, to give the "Super Jock 'n' Jill" corporate sponsors donations and entry fees.

   Why not use those extra dollars to maintain the trail and save our not-so-extra taxes to maintain and fix Woodinville's dilapidated roads? $5,000 in seed money would fill a number of potholes on my route.

   These are not rhetorical questions. I need answers to each of them.

Sandy Elliot, Bothell