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March 13, 2000


Letters to the Editor

Be careful of the bridges you burn

rental housingThere isn't a lot of "family size" rental housing in Woodinville, and there's never going to be a lot of "family size" rental housing in Woodinville. And I can make this kind of statement without fear of contradiction.

All-day kindergarten would require curriculum improvement

all-day kindergartenNorthshore School District changing to all-day kindergarten will do absolutely no good, if all that the students do is paint for six hours a day instead of three hours a day. The whole system needs to be revamped.

There are reasons for 'Road Closed' signs

obey the lawThere are reasons for the "Road Closed" signs and the speed limits. You can't break the law and then complain when you get called on it.

Teachers must have more resources to guarantee the future of our children

teachers' resourcesNow is the time for all of us to step up and demand the funding and support from the state, which is critical for all students to reach the standard they will need to be productive, successful, and self-satisfied adults.

Use the money to maintain park, fix roads

illogical spendingWhy not use those extra dollars to maintain the Sammamish River Trail and save our not-so-extra taxes to maintain and fix Woodinville's dilapidated roads?

Not all of the quarry impacts are acceptable

quarry impactsThere has already been much money spent studying the effects of the proposed Duvall Rock Quarry, and many of the impacts have been deemed "acceptable." However, there are several that have not.

More could experience the joy of giving with more tax cuts

joy of givingI agree that giving the money away is an excellent way to use the savings, but don't forget that the money we saved from I-695 was not a gift from the government. It is our own money, which we may use as we please.

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