Northwest NEWS

March 13, 2000

Home & Garden

Special crews to trim, remove problem trees

   One of the largest causes of electrical outages in the Northshore region is the mixture of trees and wind. Trees and their limbs can blow across power lines and interrupt service.

   In an effort to reduce these tree-caused outages and increase service reliability, specialized crews from Puget Sound Energy's Vegetation Management program will be in this area in the near future as part of a continuing routine maintenance cycle.

   During this process, trees that have grown too close to overhead power lines will be trimmed or removed. Removal may be necessary when trimming can not achieve safe clearances. Incompatible species on public right-of-way will be removed. On private property homeowners will be notified of necessary removals. Hazardous trees will be identified for removal.

   Under contract with Puget Sound Energy, the Asplundh Tree Expert Company will be performing this work at no expense to the homeowner. Impacts on personal property will be minimized, and all wood suitable for firewood will be left for the resident's use.

   For more information regarding Puget Sound Energy's Vegetation Management Program or for questions concerning trees, call 1-888-225-5773 and ask the Customer Representative to create a Vegetation Management request.