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March 13, 2000

Local News


Vans will provide free shuttle service for college students

shuttle service

Photo by Darlene Maloy.

   King County Councilmembers Louise Miller and Maggie Fimia were among the students and dignitaries at the presentation of the two vans that will provide free shuttle service to Lake Washington Technical College and Cascadia Community College last week. The new service is made possible through King County Metro's "addVANtage" program. Students at the colleges will be able to take advantage of the free shuttle service on weekdays and Saturdays. Hopelink will be responsible for dispatching, driving, and maintaining the vans.

   "This partnership was a perfect recipient for the addVANtage vehicles," says King County Councilmember Louise Miller. "It will provide affordable transportation for students." The vans will be fully accessible, including a lift for wheelchairs. "I am so pleased that this shuttle service will address both the need for accessible transportation and for alternative transit options to Eastside residents."

   The exact times of the shuttle routes are yet to be announced. The service is expect to begin in late spring.

Two levies pass, one fails

   levy sign

Photo by Becky Nixon.

   In the recent election, Riverview Proposition No. 1, the Maintenance & Operations Levy, passed with a vote of 61.8 percent in favor, 38.4 percent against. Propostion No. 2, the Technology Levy, passed with 63.4 percent voting in favor, 36.5 voting against. Proposition No. 3, the Performing Arts Levy, failed to garner enough "yes" votes to pass. Fifty-eight percent voted for the measure, 41.9 percent voted against it.

Be a part of Duvall's future

   You are invited to a Kick-Off Meeting of the Duvall Comprehensive Plan Update Task Force. The meeting will be held on March 22 at 7 p.m. in the Rose Room of the Duvall Library, 15619 Main Street NE. The Duvall comprehensive plan, initially adopted in 1994, is the document that guides all development in the City of Duvall. The Plan Update will be considering policies affecting park, trail, and recreation resources, the conceptual future design of State Route 203 through Duvall, population assumptions for community growth, and the City's capital improvement program. The Plan is available for review in City Hall, 14525 Main Street NE. Call Janet Lewine, Comprehensive Plan Update Manager, at (425) 788-2779 for more information.

Census looking for workers

   The U.S. Census Bureau is looking for field workers, office staff, and other positions. Bilingual workers are also needed. Testing for potential workers is available at several area locations. Door-to-door work begins April 1. Some of the available jobs will continue until fall of this year. For information, call (425) 451-0204 and ask for recruiting. Over $100 billion in federal, state, and local program monies are distributed based on census data. The monies gained impact new schools and roads, elderly and disabled programs, and worker and educational retraining programs.