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March 13, 2000

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Cedarcrest students are finalists in Dream Vehicle competition

Dream Vehicle finalists

Three teams from Cedarcrest High School entered the DaimlerChrysler Build Your Dream Vehicle Competition.
Photo by Becky Nixon.

   For the past three years, a number of Cedarcrest students have participated in the DaimlerChrysler Build Your Dream Vehicle Competition. This competition challenges students to work in teams to design a vehicle of the future. It incorporates marketing, financial, ergonomic, environmental, safety, and design components.

   The design teams, guided by advisor Mike Miyoshi, worked for a full term to get their entries ready for judging, and all their hard work paid off. This year, three teams sent entries into the contest and were selected from among approximately 30 entries to be a large part of the eight finalists in the Seattle-area competition.

   Final presentations were made on February 29 at the Boeing Museum of Flight in front of five judges from DaimlerChrysler and local dealerships, the other finalist teams, local media, parents, and other interested observers. Each of the finalist teams gave a 30-minute presentation (including time for questions and answers) and an award ceremony followed.

   Cedarcrest teams made a good showing again this year and were well-rewarded for all their hard work.

   M.E.S.A. presented their car, the Poseidon. Team members were Chris Ansell, Arlen Duncan III, Billy English, Megan Grobman, Andrew Redmond, Tiffany Stockert, and Robin Swenson-Healey. This young group of designers is already preparing to go back to finals next year.

   Next Generation Design (NGD) presented their car, the Firestorm. Team members of NGD were Del Brammer, Ryan Frey, Kolby Korshaven, Crystal Lee, Ryan Sage, Shad Saindon, Isaac Sprague, and Jodi Sprague. NGD won third prize, which included a crystal trophy and $1,000 toward the engineering program.

   Moondrive presented their car, the Trinity. Team members of Moondrive were Danny Abell, Colin Guthrie, Chris Lee, Kassie Lett, and Andrea McDonald. Moondrive won second prize, which included a crystal trophy and $2,000 toward the engineering program. As second place winners, the group must also be prepared to go to nationals if the first place team cannot go.

   The success of the Cedarcrest students is a testament to their drive and determination. They put in countless hours toward the project, including nights and weekends, and even time over the mid-winter break.

   In the three years that students from Cedarcrest have been participating in the program, the quality of the entries and final presentations have continued to improve because of the extra time spent. And as more and more schools participate in the program, the products from Cedarcrest must continue to improve in order to make it to the final stages of the competition.