Northwest NEWS

March 13, 2000

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Quarry SEPA hearing March 27 in Duvall

   The State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) scoping hearing regarding the Duvall Quarry mining permit will be held at the Cherry Valley Grade School on Monday, March 27, at 7 p.m.

   Huckell/Weinman Associates, an environmental consulting firm, which has been selected by King County to do the Environmental Impact Study (EIS), will be holding the SEPA scoping hearing to give the residents in the area an opportunity to voice their concerns on which impacts of the quarry should be studied in the EIS.

   The county uses the results of the EIS to make their decision whether to accept or deny the permit. King County has just issued a SEPA Determination of Significance on the application.

   Clarise Mahler, President of Friends of Cherry Valley, a group opposing the quarry, said that concerned citizens need to realize the importance of setting aside time to attend.

   "Attending this hearing is the single most important thing anyone can possibly do," she said. "We need to make certain King County understands how our lives will be adversely impacted by this quarry. They have the power to accept or reject this permit. Nothing else you will ever do to help stop the quarry will be more vital than coming to this hearing. If people have to park elsewhere and walk up to the school, or have to stand in the parking lot with a sign because they can't get in, they should do that."

   Mahler said she expects television crews to be covering the hearing.

   "Citizens will have many ways to voice their concerns," she said. "People can speak at the hearing, can speak individually with staff who will be here, leave written comments, or mail the comments. This hearing is where we all have an opportunity to be heard by King County. All of us in the Duvall area will have our rural way of life destroyed if this project is permitted. We must stand up in unison against it now."