Northwest NEWS

March 20, 2000


Artwalk not funded with tax dollars

   I would like to clear up a few misconceptions that were causing your reader, Sandy Elliot of Bothell, to criticize a plan for the placement of art along the Sammamish Trail in Woodinville.

   The Woodinville ARTwalk was approved by the Council, and uses a generous donation by the Super Jock-N-Jill Corporation to place loaned art in Wilmot Park. The theme for the art show is Woodinville's woodland character, and therefore the four pieces selected by the Council represent a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes that follow that theme.

   Neighboring cities, such as Kirkland, demonstrate that public art plays a role in producing a vibrant downtown. We invite Ms. Elliot to participate in this worthwhile effort to enhance our City.

Liz Aspen, Vice-Chair, Woodinville Parks & Recreation Commission