Northwest NEWS

March 20, 2000


Attendance at SEPA Scoping is vital

   Friends of Cherry Valley have been actively opposing the Duvall Quarry for over a year, and now is the time we need your help the most.

   King County will ultimately be responsible for making the decision on whether to accept or deny the permit application for this quarry. The next step in the process is to conduct an Environmental Impact Study.

   This starts with a SEPA Scoping Hearing, which is tentatively to be held at the Cherry Valley Grade School on March 27th at 7 p.m. The DDES informed us yesterday (March 16) that this meeting may have to be postponed because the applicant has not yet signed a contract with King County to conduct the EIS. We will not know for sure until Monday, March 20th, at which time Friends of Cherry Valley will be contacting all of our members.

   If Monday, March 27th, is a go, then we will be mailing flyers to all Duvall-area residences. This is the opportunity we have all been waiting for: a chance to be formally heard by King County regarding our concerns and objections. King County can be contacted after March 20th at (206) 296-7173 for confirmation of the date. It will be worth all the extra effort to find out if the meeting is occurring and to attend.

   Residents of this area who object to having McCauley Falls turned into a culvert under a rock quarry, to having a beautiful and ecologically fragile area forever destroyed, plus an invasion of even more gravel trucks, will soon have a never-to-be repeated opportunity to have their voices heard.

   King County has hired Huckell/Weinman, a third-party environmental consulting firm, to perform an impartial study of the impacts of this proposal. We must let them know exactly which impacts require scientific study. The county will then use this study to make a decision about the proposal.

   This hearing is not the same thing as the program that the applicant, Joe Jackels, is holding a week earlier, to try to convince us that we can accept the rock quarry. His last-minute meeting prior to the Scoping Hearing has zero impact on the administrative and legal course of events for King County's decision-making process.

   The SEPA Scoping is the single most important event you can attend to help stop the quarry! For more information, contact Friends of Cherry Valley at 788-5857, or access

Helen Lashway & Clarise Mahler, co-founders, Friends of Cherry Valley