Northwest NEWS

March 20, 2000


Life's not cool when kids take guns to school

It makes no difference.
It's everyone's business.
Where'd they get 'em is the question to ask.
Every gun has an owner, it's a matter of fact.
When a gun is accessible instead of being stored
the owner's responsibility can't be ignored.
He's the one who bought it and left it out
not the one who found it and took it out.
A gun is personal property we can agree
and the right to own carries responsibility.
Car and home owners know it's true
they're held liable if they injure you.
When you own a gun and fail to store it
you're the one liable for it.
While the right to own is constitutional
the responsibility is individual.
If you fail to be responsible
you're criminally liable and chargeable
. . .for what comes out of your barrel.

Greg Gourley, Redmond