Northwest NEWS

March 20, 2000

Local News

Change of course for 144th Ave.

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--To mitigate wetland impact and allow more housing in the newly-named "Woodinville Heights" affordable housing complex, the City Council approved "vacation" of the 144th Ave. NE right-of-way at their March 13th meeting.

   "The wetland mitigation will enhance vegetation along the north end of the road (where it will merge with NE 195th/North Bypass), will increase buffering on the east side, and will create more wetland along the south portion," said John Harkness of CAMWest, the owner-developer of the ARCH project.

   Daniel Jones, an environmental biologist from Shelton and Associates, said he found indications the south portion of the property was once a wetland, but disturbed to create usable land. He said he found a lot of old garbage and oil residue in that soil. Regrading will restore hydrology, allowing water to flow naturally.

   CAMWest attorney Roger Pierce said the current right-of-way goes straight south through the wetland before making a 90-degree turn westward. Curving the road west on the south end and pulling some of the road's north-south span westward will increase the buffer area between housing on the east side of the road and the major portion of the wetland east of there, he said.

   Jones said they will plant a variety of native trees and six shrub species to enhance the wetland landscape, including western red cedar and cascara on the north end, to mix with the prevalent red alder.

   Councilmember Carol Bogue asked if CAMWest planned to do anything about the water from the land that runs across the North Bypass. Mike Matheson of TRIAD Associates, representing CAMWest, said they will install a storm water catch basin and conveyance pipes that will run into a vault. From there, the water will run into existing county pipes running under the south side of the Bypass. "That will eliminate 99.9 percent of the water," he said.