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March 20, 2000

Local News

Kenmore settles with Pacific Rim

   KENMORE--The City of Kenmore has reached agreement with Pacific Rim Development to withdraw the City's SEPA appeal to Snohomish County that blocked Pacific Rim's Lost Creek project. Pacific Rim satisfied the City's requirement of suitable mitigation on traffic and drainage impacts to the city.

   Pacific Rim has agreed to pay the City $215 per unit developed at Lost Creek to mitigate traffic impacts. The fees will be payable at the recording of the final plat, consistent with the timing of fee payments to Snohomish County.

   Pacific Rim also agreed to design and construct Lost Creek's storm water detention facility at 250 percent of the volume normally required to meet the state Dept. of Ecology's stream bank erosion control release rate. Pacific Rim will provide the City with engineering plans of the facility for review.

   The City's review recommendations must be integrated into the plans before they are submitted to Snohomish County, as long as they are consistent with county regulations. The City must also be permitted to inspect the facility, to ensure its construction conformed with the approved plans. Pacific Rim must also pay Kenmore up to $1,800 for related engineering review fees.