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March 20, 2000

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Bridge closes, traffic adjusts

directing traffic

Duvall police Officer Cyndi Osborne directs traffic in the fog on the first morning the Novelty Bridge was closed for replacement.
Photo by Becky Nixon.

Motorists finding other ways around

by Lisa Allen, Valley View editor

   DUVALL--It appears that King County traffic engineers got it right. They spent months designing ways to reduce the impacts of the closure of NE 124 during the six or so months it will take for the Novelty Bridge to be replaced. Road improvements they suggested included adding more traffic signals and turning lanes. They also insisted that motorists tend to find alternate routes.

   First indications did not look good. The road closed early on March 15. On Wednesday and Thursday, traffic was a nightmare. Officers spent three hours each shift directing traffic in town. Some reports indicated it was taking an hour to commute from Monroe to Duvall during rush hours.

   But by Friday, things had begun to improve.

   "Traffic is remarkably better," said Duvall police Sgt. Bob Akey last Friday. "People are figuring out that it helps to go another route. And the lights are doing their job. It appears to be working well."