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March 20, 2000

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Quarry applicant's failure to sign contract may delay SEPA process

by Valley View staff

   DUVALL--A SEPA scoping hearing on the Duvall Rock Quarry, scheduled for March 27 at 7 p.m. at Cherry Valley Elementary School, may be postponed due to the failure of the applicant to sign an EIS contract with the county and the contractor.

   Under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA), King County Department of Developmental and Environmental Services (DDES) has issued a Determination of Significance for the proposed quarry. SEPA scoping hearings are required so the county can study all the potential impacts of the proposal.

   Last week, the county gave Joe Jackels of Duvall Quarry LLC until March 20 to sign the contract or the SEPA hearing will be postponed until he does.

   In an e-mail to Friends of Cherry Valley (a group opposing the quarry), SEPA planner Fereshteh Dehkordi said Jackels had requested additional time to review the contract. She said that the agency told Jackels the county cannot proceed with the EIS work without a signed contract and that if he did not, hearing cancellation notices will be mailed out to parties of record on March 21.

   She told Friends of Cherry Valley she appreciated the fact that the delay will be inconvenient and said she felt the applicant had ample opportunity to review and decide on the contract.

   Clarise Mahler, president of Friends of Cherry Valley, said it is difficult for the group to follow the process when deadlines are not followed. "Public participation was left out of the property zoning," she said. "We really need to take into consideration all adverse impacts. It is vital that the public be considered in the application. We are trying to make sure all affected citizens will have an opportunity to participate in the public processes offered and it can be difficult to do, expecially when we have very little time to prepare for exactly when the scoping will be."

   Citizens can find out whether or not the hearing will be held as scheduled March 27 by calling Dehkordi at 206-296-7173 or accessing the Friends of Cherry Valley website at

   According to the application, the project will consist of mining approximately 83 acres, mapped as Mount Persis Andesite. The mining operation will be phased, and is estimated to last 60 years, plus or minus 20 years.

   The reclamation alternative proposed by the applicant is for future community use, such as sport facilities. The mining of the site includes relocation of a stream which forms a cascading waterfall. The application indicates there are other drainage features and wetlands on the site, which will be eliminated as part of the mining operation. The location is approximately two miles north of the city of Duvall (east of 288th Avenue NE) at the west terminus of NE 189th Street.

   The Threshold Determination finds that the proposal does pose a probable significant adverse impact to the environment and therefore requires the preparation of an environmental impact statement (EIS).

   Issues to be addressed include: erosion hazards; air quality; impacts of Hanstead Creek relocation and elimination of other drainage features; impact to Cherry Creek and other smaller tributaries within the site and downstream, including Snoqualmie River; displacement of animals due to elimination of habitat and impacts on the adjacent wildlife preserve, including impacts to fish habitat within the adjacent stream system; noise; transportation impacts; aesthetics and impacts to adjacent rural communities, scenic resources, McCauley Falls, and to the city of Duvall.