Northwest NEWS

March 27, 2000


With a full day, imagine what teachers could accomplish

   Last week, a writer to the Woodinville Weekly wrote that all-day kindergarten would require curriculum improvement. It's obvious that expanding from half-day to full-day sessions would also mean adding to the curriculum. But the letter had many statements regarding the quality of education in the Northshore School District that directly contradict my experience.

   I have one son in sixth grade and another in half-day kindergarten at Hollywood Hill Elementary in Woodinville. I have been consistently amazed and impressed by the quality of the education at their school.

   When my youngest son began school last fall, he could spell his name, but knew few other letters. He could count to 20, but couldn't do addition or subtraction. It's now March, and my son is reading many simple words, and is not only able to add and subtract, but is also actually doing some very basic multiplication. That this can be accomplished in six months of half-day sessions is very impressive to me.

   But more importantly, my son comes home wanting to do more work on reading and math. The energy and passion for learning that the teachers convey to the children is their true gift.

   If the wonderful teachers at Hollywood Hill are given a full day to instruct, I can only imagine what they'll accomplish.

Mike Adams, Woodinville