Northwest NEWS

March 27, 2000


Family is grateful for community help

   My family and I would like to thank the people who stopped to help us. There are so many people to thank and we hope that we list all of you, but if we have forgotten anyone, please accept our deepest apology.

   We would like to start with the off-duty Duvall fire fighter; the lady across the street (on 170th Place) who brought a towel out for our daughter's cut leg; the lady who dialed my phone number so I could talk to my husband; the lady who held our 10-month-old baby boy; the lady who had the first aid kit; all the people who took off their coats (in the rain) to cover all four of our children; and all the people who picked the glass out of our children's hair, and even picked glass from our dog.

   We would also like to thank the fire department, medical team, and the sheriff's department, who all showed so much care and reassurance to our frightened children, and to "Big Bird," who reassured me that our unborn child was fine.

   And for the person who pulled out in front of us and kept on going, shame on you! But you have been caught. Thank you to the person who tracked you down and got your license plate number and came back to the accident and reported it to the officers.

Dawna, Amber, Megan, Matthew, Jonathan, and Angus (the dog) Castle