Northwest NEWS

March 27, 2000

Local News

Council rebuffs Spady-Knoll proposal

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--Woodinville's City Council sent the Spady-Knoll's informal proposal for a private grid road through their property back to the drawing board, after representatives changed the proposal without telling City officials.

   The owners of the property had been working with Public Works Director Mick Monken on finding a compromise with the City's desire to run a grid road extension of !35th Ave. NE through the property. The grid road's natural course would involve an expensive buyout of the Chevron station property, and would also have run through property recently purchased for the new fire station. So the City was looking to find an alternate route from NE 175th to Woodinville-Snohomish Rd., to relieve traffic congestion in the middle of town.

   When Spady-Knoll representative Barbara Nelson asked the City Council to accelerate their approval of the plan proposed by their developer, INTRACORP of Seattle, which was going to pull out of the project otherwise. But Nelson said they had decided to change the previous plan of "mixed use" housing-commercial development to strictly residential. That came as a complete surprise to City staff, who heard it for the first time. The previous plan had been reviewed and approved for Council consideration by the Planning Commission and City staff.

   "Taking 'mixed use' out of the formula complicates the issue," said Councilmember Don Brocha. "Woodinville's Comprehensive Plan favors mixed-use projects. That made the first proposal attractive, but now that has disappeared. Changing it to more residential means adding more traffic in the middle of town."

   "You're dealing with a moving target," City Manager Pete Rose told Council. This is a case of a developer trying to get a formal decision without a solid proposal. I recommend that you ask INTRACORP to present a solid proposal for further consideration. Since assumptions are quickly changing, I suggest recycling this project back through the Planning Commission."

   The Council agreed to indefinitely postpone consideration of the project, until the developers produced another formal proposal.