Northwest NEWS

April 3, 2000


Boycott was successful, but who lost?

   The Friends of Cherry Valley (FoCV) had a successful boycott of the presentation put on by the applicant of the Duvall Rock Quarry. Successful for them? Yes! Successful for the citizens of Duvall and Cherry Valley? No!

   The citizens had an opportunity of finding out the truth about the Quarry. By boycotting the meeting, the citizens will have to rely on the handful of people who lead FoCV to present the true facts about the Quarry. There are two sides to every story and the citizens are hearing only one. They are the ones who lost out. What might be a reason FoCV didn't want the community to hear the real facts?

   The applicant didn't lose due to the boycott. We spent the same whether anyone showed up or not (I might add, a few did show up). The losers were the people who have an interest and didn't show up. My sympathy to them.

   The City of Duvall was not represented. The Chamber of Commerce was not represented. Does this conflict with their duty?

   The facts were not presented by the applicant. They were presented by qualified consultants who are on a list of qualified consultants acceptable to King County. They are not going to jeopardize their status by wrongly supporting one project in King County.

Joe Jackels, Managing Partner, Duvall Quarry, LLC