Northwest NEWS

April 3, 2000


Guest Editorial

Why do educators need inservice or professional days?

teachers' inserviceSeveral times a year, teachers and other staff members have scheduled inservice or professional days. Community members and parents alike may wonder what teachers really do on those days.


Dear K.C. Executive Ron Sims & Gov. Gary Locke...

Washington highwaysSpeaking for the multitude of frustrated Puget Sound drivers, I implore you to help our people, despite themselves. Please, expand our inadequate freeways and arterials.

Letters to the Editor

This isn't just a problem of 'them'

racismI toyed with the idea of writing this anonymously. I considered not writing it at all. I love this community. I love our beautiful Valley. I'd rather ignore disturbing incidents. I'd rather keep silent.

Taking a stand against racism

racismWhile not wanting to be intolerant of those who hold views offensive to me, I think the issues are different. It is the views themselves which I find intolerant, not the people who hold them.

Boycott was successful, but who lost?

quarry boycottThe Friends of Cherry Valley had a successful boycott of the presentation put on by the applicant of the Duvall Rock Quarry. Successful for them? Yes! Successful for the citizens of Duvall and Cherry Valley? No!

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