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April 3, 2000

Local News

Police Beat

   March 3: A Woodinville 7-11 clerk thought an early '90s red pickup truck was suspected of driving away from the Woodinville 7-11 without paying for $28.82 of gas. But then a witness said a silver car was on the opposite side of the pump at the same time and also drove off. The 7-11 owner said a male driver in a silver VW Passat has stolen gas several times in the past three months. He gave police the car's license plate number. The witness's description fit the VW owner's, by gender and race.

   March 9: A King County police officer stopped a car on eastbound SR-522 for changing three lanes without signaling after exiting I-405 and doing 70mph in a 60mph zone. The 45-year-old female driver's license was suspended. The officer searched her car. He found a pipe with marijuana residue on it between the seats and a white screw-top container of green, leafy, vegetable matter that field-tested positive for marijuana. The officer sent the dope to the lab and arrested the driver for possession.