Northwest NEWS

April 3, 2000

Local News

City of Woodinville seeks youthful art

   The City of Woodinville is looking for art contributions from local 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students to adorn the railroad trestle over the Sammamish River Trail, at the city's north gateway. The requested theme of the art is "Keep Waterways Clean." Entries must be submitted to City Hall by Apr. 7.

   The selected works for the wall art will be placed on the two large concrete retaining walls supporting the railroad bridge early this summer, said City Volunteer Coordinator John Markuson. Local billboard company Ackerley Communications will apply the art to the walls. A citizen review panel will select two paintings based on how well they convey the theme, a mixed use of colors, balance of activities portrayed, and their visual impact.

   All artwork must be submitted on an 11x17-inch entry form provided by the City. The form has an outline of the retaining wall, within which the artwork must be drawn. Artists must submit an original, hand-drawn picture using any of the following mediums: paint, pencil, marking pens, crayons, or ink. The artist's name must be on the back of the painting, not on the front, said Markuson.

   The City reserves the right to select any or no artwork from this request. For more information, contact Markuson at 489-2700.