Northwest NEWS

April 3, 2000

Local News

Police chase robbers in Woodinville

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--After a lengthy car chase around Woodinville last Thursday night, two men in a stolen truck full of stolen car accessories jumped out of the truck and eluded capture by several police units.

   Two Woodinville officers conducting a security check of the Woodinville Auto Auction's west lot around 9 p.m. saw the men parked in a green Toyota pickup at the lot's entrance. As the officers drove toward it, the truck spun its wheels backing up, pulled onto eastbound NE 195th, then turned south on Woodinville-Snohomish. The officers followed it to the Target parking lot, where it turned in without signalling.

   When the officers turned on their flashing lights, the truck sped away from the Target lot, across the tracks and west on NE 177th Place. They turned right on SR-202, over SR-522, and continued speeding north on 132nd NE. The truck turned east on NE 195th and south on 131st NE, into a residential area.

   The truck led police through one and one-half circles of the neighborhood, jamming on the brakes three separate times, in what officers said was a maneuver intended to make them rear-end the truck and force them to back off. After the third screech of brakes, the truck stopped on NE 193rd and the two men jumped over several fences as they ran north through several yards.

   After also jumping over several fences in pursuit, the officers lost sight of the suspects and called in more units, including a K-9 unit, to set up a "perimeter search." During the K-9 search, officers stopped a man leaving one of the back yards. They did a records check of the man, but lacking positive identification that he was one of the fleeing suspects, let him go.

   Officers then returned to search the truck, took prints, and found several pieces of car stereo equipment, car-prowl tools, and a glass smoking pipe with methamphetamine residue on it. Officers also found a jail identification wristband in the truck that might link one of the yet-uncharged "persons of interest" to the truck, police said. The truck had been listed stolen on March 15 from an auto dealer's lot in Burlington. All its contents were placed in evidence.

   The officers then knocked on the door of the house where the police dog lost the suspects' scent. The owner agreed to let police search the house, but they found no one else. He told police that the man detained in the back yard earlier by officers had visited his house in a late-model Toyota truck earlier in the day. He said the man visited again at about 9:30 p.m. acting very nervous and asked to use his phone before leaving.

   The officers read the resident his legal rights--which he signed--in case an investigation revealed that he harbored the fugitives, said police.