Northwest NEWS

April 3, 2000

Local News

Beardslee widening; Ross Road goes one-way

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   BOTHELL--Hoping to reduce danger on narrow Ross Road from an expected overload of cars trying to avoid Beardslee Boulevard construction, the City of Bothell will make Ross Road a one-way westbound road around May 1.

   "The major reconstruction and widening of Beardslee Boulevard was a required street improvement for the UW-B/CCC project's approval," said City Manager Jim Thompson. Beardslee construction must be done before the campus opening in September.

   The City Council made the decision at their Mar. 20 meeting, after nearly a year of engineering studies and citizen input about traffic problems where Ross and Beardslee intersect 112th NE, NE 195th, and the I-405 southbound access ramps.

   The City has long considered travel on the narrow, winding, unlighted street unsafe, especially left turns from Ross to Beardslee, according to Asst. City Mgr. Manny Ocampo. The expected rise in traffic would greatly increase the hazardous conditions, said Bothell Police Chief Mark Ericks.

   One side of Ross will be striped for a pedestrian walkway, between NE 187th St. and 112th Ave. NE, said Ocampo. The opposite side will gain edge-striping to give drivers a clear definition of the pavement edge. Residents of that stretch of Ross Rd. will have no choice but to traverse northbound Beardslee to get home from downtown Bothell.