Northwest NEWS

April 3, 2000


Rebels claim second place in overtime play

NYSA U-12 Rebels

Players on the NYSA U-12 soccer team include (left to right)--top row: (Coach) Darryl Gonyea, Riley Glandon, Sarah Bingisser, Sarah Hein, Jessica Haynie, Julee Thomas, Caylee Betts, (Asst. Coach) Jackie Pattillo; bottom row: Annie Dixon, Jessie Parker, Kelsey Buswell, Jenna Petersen, Brooke Butler, Paige Pattillo, Linzy Conrad, Eileen Earl.
Photo courtesy of the Rebels.

   Northshore Youth Soccer Association (NYSA) U-12 Rebels from the FC Alliance Soccer Club participated in the Washington State 2000 Fred Meyer Commissioner's Cup on March 11.

   The Rebels and their competitors, the Maple Valley Marauders, had played for several weeks in this state tournament to earn their titles as the State Finalists. The Commissioners Cup game was played to determine the champions.

   The score was 0-0 as the game went into double overtime. The Marauders scored a winning goal 50 seconds before the end of the double-overtime period, earning the Rebels second place in the state tournament.

   Coaches for the Rebels are Darryl Gonyea and Jackie Pattillo.