Northwest NEWS

April 10, 2000


Bothell teams with Home Depot

   The City of Bothell has formed a partnership with Home Depot to provide an outreach program for the citizens of Bothell.

   The Home Depot University Program is a series of clinics that Home Depot provides free of charge to homeowners to enable them to gain basic knowledge to construct their own remodels, additions, decks, and utility buildings. A staff member from the City's Building Division will attend these clinics to provide information regarding what type of home improvement projects require a building permit, and specific answers regarding Code requirements for specific types of projects.

   "We are very excited about this opportunity to work with Home Depot," Mike DeLack, building official for the City of Bothell, commented. "The City always appreciates the opportunity to provide outreach to the community. This program is especially valuable in that it will enable some homeowners to make improvements to their home without the associated costs of hiring a contractor."

   Doug Berard, store manager for the Bothell Home Depot, enthusiastically agreed, adding, "We're excited, to say the least, regarding the prospects of working with the City of Bothell to deliver code-related information to our customers. Suffice it to say, our customers inquire numerous times on a weekly basis about building codes. The City's participation at these events is greatly appreciated and should lend credibility to our instruction."

   "This is an excellent opportunity for the City to work with a local business and assist our residents with a one-stop process. This program illustrates the core value of public service, 'Serving Our Community,'" Bothell City Manager Jim Thompson emphasized.

   The next scheduled clinic will be a four-week course on "Deck Construction." The classes start at 7:00 p.m., and are scheduled for every Tuesday night in April, beginning on the 4th.

   For information regarding class registration, call Home Depot at (425) 806-9300. For information on City of Bothell building permit regulations and requirements, call the City's Department of Public Improvements at (425) 486-8152.