Northwest NEWS

April 10, 2000


Proposal is hard to read without a copy

   I was reading your front-page story in the March 27th issue of the Valley View, regarding the quarry information meeting put on by the quarry proponents, which was attended by only six residents of the area.

   I found the article quite interesting. I noticed Mr. Jackels said he hopes that people will read the completed application. Is this different from the one at the Duvall City Hall that refers to Hanstead Creek/McCauley Falls, downgrading Hanstead Creek from a Class 2 stream to a Class 3 stream?

   Is there a revised, more correct application that he is referring to? If so, I for one would love to see it. Perhaps Mr. Jackels could present an up-to-date copy of it to the City of Duvall so people could actually do so. It is pretty difficult to read the proposal when none of us have a copy.

S. Rowe, Duvall