Northwest NEWS

April 10, 2000


A new era may be dawning for education

   On Saturday, April 1st, parents, educators, and administrators came together for candid discussions of topics chosen by the attendees. Attendance by district employees, including those who do not live or have children in the district, was a large percentage of those present, but parents were able to voice district problems or "opportunities for improvement."

   It was pointed out that out-of-district transfers and home schooling represent dissatisfied parents and students. The consensus of parents was that the district minimizes the significance of these people and will not divulge the number of transfers and home school school students. One parent wrote a letter to the forum complaining that a field trip to Tacoma is planned for middle school students on their registration day.

   Among the topics chosen by attendees were the following:

Anders Tronsen, Duvall