Northwest NEWS

April 10, 2000


Earth Day events for April and beyond

   KING COUNTY--Earth Day may not be until April 22, but King County is kicking off an entire month of events to get people involved with activities--either at home or in their community--that will help keep King County clean and green, said Executive Ron Sims.

   For the official celebration of Earth Day on April 22, King County will host the Student Green Space at the Seattle Center, Northwest Rooms. There will be live performances, music, and fun for kids of all ages from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., all with a focus on how we can help protect the earth, land, and air around us. Executive Sims will be announcing his Earth Legacy 2000 initiative later in Earth Month.

   In addition, King County is sponsoring a month full of activities for earth-minded folks of all types. Nature lovers can go bird watching, explore a stream, or take a nature hike. There are tours of wetlands and waterfalls and, for the truly adventurous, there's a "Walk on the Wildside," a "Spring Plant Adventure," and an event simply called "Slimy Slugs."

   Lending a hand to make a difference for the environment is celebrating the true spirit of Earth Day. Volunteers can spend Saturday planting trees at Cougar Mountain or helping to maintain the County's trails, and spend Sunday restoring a pond, wetland, or river.

   For those interested in larger bodies of water, such as Puget Sound, pitch in to clean a beach or become a Beach Naturalist and teach your neighbors about beach wildlife. If you don't like water at all, Adopt-A-Road!

   Earth Day is also a celebration of gardeners everywhere. In honor of them, King County introduces "The King County Yardener." A Yardener knows that some garden and yard care practices can contaminate and harm local waterways. Yardeners strive to garden in harmony with the watershed they live in. Learn about the Six Steps of Natural Lawn Care, good bugs and bad bugs, building healthy soil, and watching out for noxious weeds.

   The weekends of Earth Month offer many opportunities to learn about Naturescaping, salvaging native plants for use in garden projects. There are also numerous sales of plants and mulching lawnmowers--the ultimate machine for saving time, money, and a lawn.

   Visit a Hazardous Wastemobile near you, and celebrate by recycling household cleaners and toxins. And don't forget that computers are the newest darlings on the recycling runway.

   If the whole office is being overhauled, learn about the Building Materials Exchange to save money and materials. The 2000 Green Business Directory may come in handy, too.

   For information on more than 50 events and hundreds of topics, call 206-296-8361 or go online to