Northwest NEWS

April 10, 2000

Local News

Police Beat

   March 26: Two male Woodinville High juniors were arrested, one for igniting an M-80 in a residential driveway, the other for blowing up a Porta-Potty with a six-inch explosive device at Hollywood Hill Elementary. The two were cruising in two cars with four friends during their explosive escapades. After destroying the Porta-Potty and speeding away, the six youths returned to survey the damages. Police officers responding to the explosion approached the two cars. After questioning, one of the arrestees handed over a plastic bag containing two M-80s, a golf ball with a fuse, and a silver M-250. The other arrestee drew a diagram of the explosive he used to destroy the toilet. After fingerprinting and booking the two young criminals, officers turned them over to their parents, pending further investigation and criminal charges.

   March 26: A 31-year-old man was cited for assaulting and harassing a male Woodinville Cineplex Odeon employee who was trying to protect four teenage customers from the man's harassment. The suspect had been chastised by the two boys and two girls after one allegedly saw him leering at the girls' backsides while standing behind them in the snack bar line. After a brief argument, the suspect swore at the teens and went to the bathroom. When the suspect returned to the snack bar line, a female employee told him his behavior was inappropriate, and he agreed to be quiet. When the four teenagers passed him, he left the line and followed them to their theater door where he started yelling and swearing at them. The male employee approached the suspect and told him to leave the kids alone. The suspect threatened him, then punched him in the chest, grabbed the bill of his hat and yanked his head down. Another male customer intervened and stopped the attack.

   The female employee ordered the suspect to leave the premises, but he said he first had to retrieve his wife from a theater. When the couple came out of the theater, the assaulted employee told them to wait for the police. The man refused, pushed the employee out of his way, and the couple left the building. As the two employees followed them to get their license number, the couple separated in the parking lot. The wife got in the car and the employees got the number. They asked her husband's name, but she refused, and drove off.

   Responding officers took pictures of red marks on the victim's head and later contacted the suspect, who admitted the assault and harassment. The man was cited and the incident was forwarded to NE District Court.

   March 29: A 15-year-old male student was cited for fourth-degreee assault for attacking another male student, age 17, in the Woodinville High School cafeteria. The victim said the suspect and his friends had frequently been harassing and cursing him since the victim's best friend had recently broken up with one of their friends.

   While the victim sat at lunch with a friend, the group of antagonists began cursing him and throwing food at him from the next table. One walked over and told him there was going to be a fight. When the victim said he only had a problem with one of the group (naming him), that boy came over and exchanged two shoves with the victim before punching the victim on the left temple with a closed fist.

   Not wanting to get suspended from school for fighting, the victim looked at his assailant until the suspect sat down. The victim then walked to the office and reported the incident. He complained of dizziness and difficulty seeing with his left eye. When police responded, the vice-principal said the suspect had been suspended and was gone. Unable to contact the suspect, the officer forwarded the case to Juvenile Court for investigation.