Northwest NEWS

April 10, 2000

Front Page

City seeks more CIP comments

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--The City of Woodinville staff wants citizens to submit their opinions on 18 proposed capital projects listed on the 2001-2006 Preliminary Capital Improvement Plan. Public input will help the City prioritize projects that include eight for road improvements, six for parks, and four involving surface water.

   "Five of the proposed transportation projects are on state routes," said Deborah Knight, assistant to the City Manager. "Early discussions with the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) indicate that funds available prior to I-695 will need to be reallocated. The City Council will be considering the appropriate percentage of costs the City should fund on regional route improvements. The approach the City decides to take will affect the total number of projects the City can fund over the next six years and beyond."

   The proposed park projects would involve some land acquisition, including property for a skate park. The park projects will support the City's vision of combining open space, trails, and recreation opportunities for the entire community.

   The ESA listing of Chinook salmon will continue to profoundly affect the design and function of the City, said Knight. Four proposed projects are designed to meet the City's responsibilities under the ESA, including purchasing and enhancing streamside habitat and removing barriers to fish.

   "It is very important that the community understands the process for deciding what capital projects to build, and the projects proposed for the next six years," said Knight. "These projects will guide the future development of our town. We encourage everyone to review the list and comment on the proposed projects."

   Citizens will have several venues by which to review and comment on the draft plan between now and June. City staff will host an Open House at City Hall on May 1 to present the proposed projects and answer questions. The Planning Commission will open a public hearing about the proposed CIP on May 3. Several City Council meetings in May and June will also give citizens a chance to discuss the proposals.

   The preliminary list of projects can be seen on the City website at, or people may call City Hall at 425-489-2700. Citizen comments can be emailed to CIP Coordinator Deborah Knight at, or faxed to City Hall at 425-489-2705.