Northwest NEWS

April 17, 2000


Only two lanes for the Novelty Bridge is total insanity

   How ironic that we must learn the truth about the Novelty Bridge replacement realities from Marshall Haley's excellent op-ed piece in the Woodinville Weekly.

   What we wonder is how Governor Locke and Ron Sims can be legally kidnapped and subjected to the gridlock traffic situation for a sufficient number of hours to make them appreciate the incredible lunacy and ignorance of their planners.

   Is there any reason why this can't be fixed now before it is too late? Isn't it about time that we stop this crazy attempt at social engineering by state and county bureaucrats? In their eagerness to keep us controlled by their "vision" of ultra-high density housing for everyone except the "elite," they have created a monstrous nightmare for the Valley infrastructure.

   Do they think they can keep this economy going when it takes everyone two or three hours each day to commute?

   We taxpayers are tired of this idiocy. We are sick of losing a little bit of freedom each and every day to the posturing and self-righteous liberals who constantly try to tell us what they think is best for us.

   We have had enough. Maybe we should all move to Phoenix, and then where would their tax base be?

Frank & Janice Ochoa, Duvall