Northwest NEWS

April 17, 2000


Other options should have been considered

   As a citizen of Duvall, I am writing in regards to the article "Judge's ruling stops work on Safeway's project."

   I can understand some of the concerns about the placement of the road and the mitigation for the sound and lighting problems that added traffic will impact their lifestyle. On the other hand, I am disappointed that a resident would bring suit about this process and in turn cost the City of Duvall money to spend the time and energy in court over this issue.

   There must have been other options that could have been considered--such as mediation or arbitration before going to court. The resident was quoted in the article, "They (the City) made the process a secret. They will get Safeway, but they need to do it right."

   Is the suit in the best interest of the citizens and the City of Duvall or for themselves? The citizens and the city need the tax revenue from a business such as Safeway.

Kevin F. Sykes, Duvall