Northwest NEWS

April 17, 2000


This is what living in the Valley is all about

   I attended the Sno-Valley Senior Center Steak Dinner and was inspired to write this letter.

   The event was the perfect mix of seniors, students, city and community leaders, and regular people like myself. I saw farmers, business owners, teachers, administrators, church leaders, and one fun bluegrass band.

   There was no reserve seating, so everybody got to meet and chat with people they might never have met. Even a few members of the fire department came by to have a good dinner with the town that they protect and pass out pictures of their fire trucks to the young.

   This is truly what living in the Snoqualmie Valley is all about. Thank you, seniors and volunteers, for providing us with this opportunity to make new friends, renew old ones, and have a great dinner, to boot.

Colleen McDermott, Carnation