Northwest NEWS

April 17, 2000


Letters to the Editor

'Compromise' is not a curse word

compromiseConcerning the current chainsaw tree massacre and the 35-year-old sneaky gravel pit affair, we have been astounded by all the hubbub over the selfishness of neighbors.

Only two lanes for the Novelty Bridge is total insanity

Novelty BridgeIs there any reason why this can't be fixed now before it is too late? Isn't it about time that we stop this crazy attempt at social engineering by state and county bureaucrats?

GTE offers clarification

GTE expansionGTE would like to offer clarification regarding the service problems our GTE customers in Duvall are currently experiencing--a symptom of an "office relief" that was delayed by King County's permitting process.

New proposals, amendments are mockery of County's promises

Comp PlanThe proposed Comp Plan amendments, plus new sensitive areas and stormwater control proposals, all add up to a mockery of King County's well-publicized promises and regulations.

Other options should have been considered

Duvall SafewayIs the suit in the best interest of the citizens and the City of Duvall or for themselves? The citizens and the city need the tax revenue from a business such as Safeway.

This is what living in the Valley is all about

Valley livingI attended the Sno-Valley Senior Center Steak Dinner and was inspired to write this letter.

The next time, it may your interests that are lost

Fall CityDespite widespread public support for the recommendations made by a citizen's advisory committee to limit future zoning and growth of Fall City, that input is apparently being ignored.

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