Northwest NEWS

April 17, 2000


'She was the icing on the cake'

Maren Talcott

Nine-year-old Maren Talcott greeted guests at a Martha Stewart wedding event at the Woodinville Barnes & Noble. She also helped people register for door prizes.

by Deborah Stone

   Dressing up for many young girls is a fun experience and one which makes them feel special. They may don their pretty clothes to go to a party, the theater, out for dinner, or even to a wedding.

   Nine-year-old Maren Talcott of Woodinville has had some of these experiences before, having been involved in a family member's wedding not too long ago. She got to wear a beautiful white dress with ribbons and remembers the magic of the event. Little did she know that she was going to have the opportunity to wear her special outfit so soon again.

   Maren's adopted grandmother, Hazel Pownall, had been invited to speak about wedding floral arrangements at a recent presentation at the Barnes & Noble bookstore in Woodinville. The occasion was the release of Martha Stewart's new book, Martha Stewart Good Things.

   The store held a "Best of Martha Stewart Living Weddings" and invited several Woodinville community members to speak about wedding planning. Those involved included Pownall, who shared her special floral creations; Carol Edwards, who showed how to make garlands; and Marlene Hamerling, who presented information on the numerous details in preparing for the big event.

   "I thought it would be a wonderful addition to the show to have Maren, dressed up in her wedding party attire, to simulate a bride," explains Pownall. "She provided a special ambiance to the show, plus she also helped to greet and register guests for door prizes. She looked so pretty!"

   Maren's mother, Pam Talcott, attended the presentation with Maren and said that her daughter's presence seemed to set the stage for a wedding. She says, "Maren is known for her golden shiny hair, and with her white dress, she was the icing on the cake for the event."

   Maren, herself, enjoyed having the attention, but said she felt a bit shy with all the people. "It was exciting and fun to help with the drawing," comments Maren. "My favorite part was to draw the names out of the basket at the end. Then I got to keep the basket as a gift to remember the show. Some of the people asked me if I were getting married, but they were only teasing me. I'm too young to get married."

   Despite her young age, Maren still has some ideas about the kind of wedding she wants when she gets older. She says, "I want lots of beautiful flowers all around, and of course, I want to wear a really beautiful white dress."

   In the meantime, this East Ridge Elementary third grader keeps busy rollerblading, swimming, playing basketball, and reading Harry Potter books. She has many years ahead of her before she sits down to plan her own wedding!