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April 17, 2000

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State offers 'Trees for the 21st Century'

   Commissioner of Public Lands Jennifer M. Belcher has announced a new program to give away trees of historical and cultural significance to cities, counties, ports, schools, college, and other publicly-funded groups in Washington.

   "Trees for the 21st Century" aims before year's end to give away at least one legacy tree to every Washington community. Trees may be given only to publicly-funded groups, but planting projects may involve partnerships with local civic groups, service clubs, garden clubs, and youth organizations, such as the Boy and Girl Scouts.

   Trees may be used to enhance parks, restore wild areas, serve as a focal point for a significant dedication, begin an arboretum, create a grove honoring the new millennium, or for any other public planting.

   For information, or to request a tree, call 360-902-1151. Available trees include western hemlock, western red cedar, paper birch, kousa dogwood, and the prehistoric ginkgo biloba.