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April 17, 2000

Local News

Metro schedules meetings to discuss proposed changes in bus service

   King County Metro Transit wants to know what the public thinks about proposed changes in bus service scheduled for September.

   The changes would coincide with Sound Transit's introduction of four new ST Express bus routes within King County. Metro Transit is proposing changes to several routes that currently provide service similar to the new Sound Transit routes. The Metro changes would reduce duplication of service and help the region move toward a seamless, integrated system.

   The new Sound Transit service and proposed Metro changes will affect bus service in the following corridors: Redmond-Kirkland-downtown Seattle; Eastside-University District; Shoreline-Eastside-Renton-Burien; and Burien-Renton-Bellevue.

   In the Redmond-Kirkland-downtown Seattle corridor, Metro changes would affect routes 230, 254, 263, and 267. Routes 230 and 254 would be modified, and routes 263 and 267 would be discontinued.

   Between the Eastside and Seattle's University District, Metro proposes to revise Route 275 and discontinue Route 276. In the Shoreline-Eastside-Renton-Burien corridor, Metro would discontinue Route 340 between Shoreline and Bellevue and replace it with proposed Routes 341 and 342.

   In the Burien-Renton-Bellevue corridor, Metro would discontinue Route 340 between Burien and Bellevue if Sound Transit decides to begin ST Express Route 560 in September. Proposed Route 140 would operate between Renton and Burien by way of Sea-Tac Airport and Southcenter Mall.

   Metro's proposals for September are based on ideas gathered from community workshops, public meetings, citizen advisory groups, questionnaires, bus riders, Metro bus drivers, elected officials, businesses, and suburban city staffs. The King County Council is scheduled to take action on the service changes in May.

   For more information about the proposals and meetings, contact Barbara de Michele, community relations planner, at (206) 263-3792 (voice), (206) 684-1682 (TTY), or (e-mail).