Northwest NEWS

April 17, 2000

Local News

Police Beat

   April 9: A 21-year-old man was arrested by officers at Woodinville's Pub & Eatery for trying to start a fight with other bar patrons and refusing to leave when asked. The owner asked police to remove the young hothead, who said he'd only go if arrested. After several more spurned requests that he leave peacefully, police took him to the King County Jail and charged him with first-degree criminal trespass.

   April 10: A 14-year-old Woodinville male was booked into the King County Juvenile Detention Center in Seattle after pulling a pocket knife on a 33-year-old Redmond man in Woodinville's Barnes & Noble parking lot. The victim heard a crash in the lot and turned to see a shopping cart bouncing off a parked car. He then saw two laughing boys walking away from the apparent direction of the cart's launching. He approached the boys and told them they should be more respectful of others' property, but was ignored. The suspect said the victim then swore at them and called them punks. The suspect then pulled the knife, holding it at his side with the blade open. The victim called police on his cell phone. When officers arrived, the suspect confessed.

   April 11: A 27-year-old Woodinville man was cited for three thefts of gasoline totaling over $35.00 from the Woodinville 7-11 store. He denied the charge, saying he had a good job and didn't need to steal. But four witnesses identified him as the man they had seen driving off without paying for gas on various occasions. Officers charged the man with third-degree theft, and referred the case to the King County Prosecutor.