Northwest NEWS

April 17, 2000

Local News

Brunner Bros. to build city hall

by Marshall Haley, staff reporter

   WOODINVILLE--At their April 10 meeting, Woodinville's City Council authorized City Manager Pete Rose to award the contract for building the new city hall to Brunner Bros. Construction. Six construction companies submitted bids during the bid process period of March 6-April 6.

   The contract for the six-part construction phase will not exceed $4,049,439. The Brunner Bros. made the lowest base bid of $3,654,900, and their total bid of $4,049,439--including five alternate projects--came in almost $3,000 less than the architect's estimate, according to Rose. Their bids on each of the five alternates came in under the average bids.

   The alternates (with Brunner bids) include: (1) an "entry plaza upgrade" that might include varying color in the cement and inset possible benches, $17,254; (2) a "monument sign" consisting of a 2-foot-high concrete block wall with embossed "Woodinville City Hall" on an inset panel, $8,004; (3) a "floor feature sign" consisting of contrasting texture and color in the cement entrance plaza and interior floor, simulating the image of a stream running the length of the building, $4,907; (4) emergency generator, $29,150; and (5) "glazing upgrades" of colored, light-refracting tiles in upper sections of some walls, and some etched windows, $14,550.

   City staff structured the bid process to consist of a base bid and five alternate construction sub-projects to generate a lower overall bid, said Rose. That structure also gives the City Council latitude in cutting costs, should they later decide to cut certain alternates. A time limit on alternates 1, 3, and 5 holds those bid prices in place for 60 days, while bid prices on alternates 2 and 4 will hold for 180 days.

   The Council established the City Hall construction budget at $3,639,844, not counting sales tax (a separate line item). The Brunner Bros. base bid is $15,056 over that budget, plus tax on that amount of $1,295. The total cost for the five alternates would be $80,217, including sales tax.

   The total Brunner base bid plus alternates is $96,568 more than the construction budget. Other City funds are available to make up that difference without liquidating the City's construction contingency fund of $181,992, said Rose. The contingency reserve fund was established to take care of unanticipated problems and reasonable oversights in the construction plans, he said.