Northwest NEWS

April 24, 2000


An organization of true charity

   Recently, I was browsing through the new St. Vincent DePaul building in Kenmore. It's the old Knoll lumber property. They hadn't been open long, but they were definitely in business. They have a good-sized store set up with a pretty good selection of stuff already displayed.

   After I found something I couldn't live without, I asked the clerk if the manager was in the building. She saw her coming down the aisle and introduced me. Loretta and I were discussing the new site and it came out that the company had bought the property and they were there to stay.

   During the conversation, I told her that I used to moor a boat at the Eastlake Avenue store when the company was on the south end of Lake Union. We subsequently moved our boat to the east side of Lake Washington shortly after "St. Vinnie's" on Lake Union was torn down. I just assumed the site had been sold.

   "Oh no!" she said. "The property was never sold. In fact, the St. Vincent operation is funded and operated with the funds produced by that property. Every dollar that is spent in a St. Vincent's store is spent entirely on charity. No operating expenses come out of the store sales."

   I was truly shocked that an organization of this size is run so efficiently. Please let the readers know about this, so they can feel comfortable about shopping at St. Vincent's.

Swend Trefethen, Bothell