Northwest NEWS

April 24, 2000


A letter in response to Mr. Jackels, concerning the Duvall Quarry

   You said in your Letter to the Editor, which apparently was actually aimed at us (Duvall residents), that we had an opportunity of finding out the truth about the quarry, but Friends of Cherry Valley boycotted your information meeting.

   Exactly what is it we lost--a chance to hear you repeat what you have said all along? We won't see it; we won't hear it; it won't bother us; it won't hurt the wildlife; it won't destroy the wetlands; it won't ruin our property values; it won't cause noise or dust; it won't hurt the creek or damage the fish or waterfall; or that the trucks won't be a problem? Sorry, but we aren't going to buy any of that.

   If convincing us that we want that quarry is vital to your success, forget it. It won't happen. We have read the application, had those more learned than ourselves study it, and had nightmares about it.

   We didn't attend your meeting because we didn't want to. You haven't dealt with Duvall before! Possibly you should be grateful we didn't show up because we are angry. And we are digging in for the long haul, gaining support as we go.

Donna & David Gustat, Duvall