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April 24, 2000


Letters to the Editor

Owner should train employees to use good judgment in the future

common senseAs a business owner, I was appalled by the letter from Tina and Dan Sander. I would like to think that the way she was treated is not standard practice for businesses in Woodinville.

Freeway I-605

I-605Oh please, please, please, build a new freeway for me and my car. I like to go real fast, and not very far.

An organization of true charity

St. Vincent DePaulRecently, I was browsing through the new St. Vincent DePaul building in Kenmore. They hadn't been open long, but they were definitely in business. They have a good-sized store set up with a pretty good selection of stuff.

Residents must fight to save our incredible valley

Treemont developmentJust what the Snoqualmie Valley needs--clear-cut, 200 suburban mansions, 1,000 more car trips a day, more flooding, and a ruined salmon stream. That's what "Treemont" will do to the headwaters of Patterson Creek.

A letter in response to Mr. Jackels, concerning the Duvall Quarry

Duvall QuarryYou said in your Letter to the Editor that we had an opportunity of finding out the truth about the quarry. Exactly what is it we lost--a chance to hear you repeat what you have said all along?

Council turns away from responsibility

rubber-stampingWhat if developers could submit their master development plats to King County and no one even looked at them, but simply recorded them, allowing the developer to do whatever they wanted? Does this sound ridiculous?

Analysis finds Avondale Road failed test by wide margin

Avondale RoadThe taxpayer-financed subsidy to Quadrant is growing into hundreds of millions of dollars. The more we look at what King County was willing to do for Quadrant, the more we learn of these handouts to this developer.

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